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15. September 2017, 09:30 Uhr

„FinTech Countdown– letzter Aufruf zur Digitalisierung für Geschäftsbanken und Sparkassen“

Private Banking Kongress, Hamburg

It is my passion to create digital banking strategies and to help FinTechs to navigate the banking industry.

I also love to share experiences & visions.

Frank Schwab Speaker SAP Banking Forum Mainz

In 2013 Samarth Shekhar and me founded FinTech Forum - the first German FinTech event focused on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Central Europe with the mission to identify innovators and disruptors in the Financial Services sector and bring them together with high-calibre investors. For further information about FinTech Forum click here.


As former CEO of Fidor TecS AG I helped to implement Fidor Bank's technology strategy. Fidor TecS enables disruptive digital banking by reshaping the customer relationship through technology. The core product is the banking platform fidorOS that seamlessly bridges traditional banking (account, payment, deposit, loan) and new banking (P2P, Crowd, Crypto, Realtime). fidorOS is the first open API banking platform of its kind and multiple award winning. See also: Fidor: Model Bank of the Year 2015 - awarded by Celent.

Frank Schwab Speaker - Technology is driving the banking industry
Frank Schwab - GIZS ( Sparkasse / paydirekt ) - speaking at Finanzinformatik 2016

Today, my work at GIZS (Sparkasse/paydirekt) is focussed on the success of paydirekt. paydirekt establishes the online payment platform of Germany's Sparkassen and banks.

fidorOS - designed by Frank Schwab, CEO Fidor TecS AG

As chairman, I also help to build Hufsy. Hufsy is reinventing how businesses handle money and do banking.

Hufsy - reinventing how businesses handle money and do banking

Selected past events

6/7 July 2017

"Crypto currencies - An investor's perspective"

Crypto Currency Conference, Odessa, Ukraine

November 2016

„Wallets der Zukunft: PayPal, paydirekt und Masterpass" FinTech Stammtisch, Berlin

Juni 2016

„Auswirkung der Digitalisierung auf FinanzWirtschaft und Gesellschaft"

Denkerkreis, Figline Valdarno, Florenz

March 2016  

„Fintech Rising Impacts on Banks, Telco and Retail Business Models”

Payment SUMMIT 2016, Helsinki

May 2015

„Digital Banking, Financial Inclusion and Impact Investing"

SKBI Conference, Singapore

May 2015

„Innovating the customer experience"

ICT Spring Europe, Luxembourg

April 2015

„Forrester's Forum for Marketing Leaders"

St. Paul‘s, London

September 2014

Keynote „Banking Reloaded“

CL@B 2014, Panama City

October 2013

Keynote „Banking Reloaded“,

Viewpoint, Banqsoft, Oslo

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